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Introductory Week (first-time members)

Try 3 classes you want within 7 days of first booking for AED 150

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Power Yoga

Power Yoga includes forms of Ashtanga Styles, linking breath and movement in flow with Sun Salutations, which creates heat in the body, and Hatha style holding poses to build strength and flexibility giving us time to breath and be present. Calming the mind, paying attention, noticing what feels good. Finding ways to explore how you can move the breath and slow down our racing minds.

Previous Yoga Experience Required.


Strength & Conditioning

This class is specifically for the ladies looking to build strength, muscle, and cardiovascular endurance.
The class consists of 50 minutes of functional bodybuilding combined with HIIT that will push you and make you stronger.
Every one has started from zero so there is no need to worry. We will be working with movements and weights suitable to your abilities.
So don’t be shy. Let’s get strong and have fun.

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Evening Yoga

Our yoga classes are suitable for all levels & recommended for you during pregnancy.

Yoga is a multifaceted approach to exercise that encourages stretching, mental centering and focused breathing. Research suggests that prenatal yoga is safe and can have many benefits for pregnant women and their babies.

All our classes are based in Abu Dhabi but you have the choice to join in studio or live online, so even if you are not Abu Dhabi, you can always join us. 

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Tone is our signature Strength Training class open to all levels and all Chapters . It’s a full body strength class where we combine compound exercises with isolation exercises to help rev your metabolism, lose body fat, tone up and feel stronger. 

Tone in the Chapters Studio, Khalifa City A, focuses on more traditional exercises with heavier weights and other equipment. 

Tone in Ansam, Yas Island, is a resistance-based workout recommended for prenatal, using lighter weights and resistance bands. It includes elements of pilates, prenatal pilates, strength training and yoga.

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Strength & Mobility

Based in our Khalifa City studio this class focuses on releasing tension in the body using myofascial release techniques (foam rolling & massage ball), increasing range of motion with mobility and stretching techniques, and increasing strength with activation drills and targeted full body strength work.

The aim of this class to help you move freely and pain-free in your everyday life, as well as increase performance.

Note: This is also a great for those looking for a postnatal pilates class in Abu Dhabi, those who feel like they have limited movement or looking for rehabilitation.



Sarah Al Nowais and Jehan AlSairafi co-founded Chapters Fitwhile looking to stay fit and healthy in their journey to motherhood and beyond.


As mums we struggled to find a studio that specailised in pre and postnatal strength training. While you could find yoga and pilates classes. We started to attend classes and make our own modifications.

Our journey led us to creating Chapters Fitness & Soul with becoming REPs registered and qualified Level 3 Personal Trainers with an advanced specialization in pre and postnatal exercise.

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