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Lower Back Stretch & Relief

This Stretch & Release sequence is all about lengthening & strengthening the back body and releasing tension in the low back. Slow down your mind and focus on full rib expansion with deep inhales and long exhales. We tend to get tight in the back body and send our breath to the front only. This will help open up and relax your back. For more information on 360 Breathing click on the link here


Knees apart to make space for the belly if pregnant & open up the hips. Toes stay together, forehead to the ground, on a pillow or a block. Extend your arms over your head. Focus on expanding your back ribs with each inhale. Bring awareness to your pelvic floor.


Start in the same position as the child’s pose, move your hands to the right, feeling a stretch on your left side. Focus on lateral expansion here. Repeat on the opposite side.