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Chapters Fitness & Soul is a ladies-only boutique fitness studio in Abu Dhabi offering a wide range of classes, personal training and collaborative Women and Children’s health events for all women.  Chapters is unique as it is the only studio in Abu Dhabi specializing in prenatal and postnatal fitness.


The studio is run by Prenatal and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialists Sarah Al Nowais and Jehan AlSairafi. The duo co-founded Chapters Studio in 2019 after they experienced a gap in the health & fitness industry during their prenatal and postnatal experiences.  


Three years on and the Chapters team has expanded to include a team of highly qualified pre and postnatal specialized trainers who are passionate about helping mums and mums-to-be feel confident in their bodies and safely bridge the gap between prenatal, postnatal and beyond.  


Coming from a variety of backgrounds, the Chapters team bring in their individual knowledge and styles to their classes, personal training services and workshops, offering our clients plenty of options to suit their likes and needs. Chapters Studio is the only studio in Abu Dhabi that offers strength based prenatal and postnatal programs with special focus on core and pelvic floor rehabilitation in addition to yoga, pilates and mobility classes for all Chapters. 


Sarah and Jehan’s primary motive in starting Chapters Studio in Abu Dhabi was and still is to increase awareness on the many benefits of exercise, and movement in general, during pregnancy, the importance of postnatal rehab and slowly getting back to exercise post birth, as well as the many aspects of pregnancy and postpartum women often don’t speak about but suffer with. 


In fact, pregnancy can be a confusing time. Be it because you’re a first-time mother and not sure what you can and cannot do, or you are experiencing specific pregnancy-related physical symptoms you don’t know who to see about. We are here to take the guessing game away and help you navigate a healthy pregnancy with ease through exercise in addition to connecting you with our wider network of Women and Children’s health experts to support you with all the necessary services and information you need. 


As for postnatal fitness, you may be wondering why you need specialized training now that baby is out in the world. Unfortunately, we underestimate the toll pregnancy takes on our bodies and mind and live in a culture where bouncing back is seen as a positive. Just like recovery and rehab is prescribed after a surgery, it is required after birth. 


Our postnatal programs focus on regaining function of your core and pelvic floor, your body’s anchor, as well as overall mobility and strength to avoid long term aches and pains and enable you to parent comfortably and get back to the activities you love stronger. Our trainers work with cases of diastasis recti and pelvic floor incontinence or dysfunctions in collaboration with Women’s Health practitioners in Abu Dhabi. 


The aim of Chapters Studio is to create a safe space for women to ask their questions and be fully informed. A space where they can grow stronger, physically and mentally. A support system and culture of collaboration so they can offer only the best advice and services. In fact, Chapters Studio prides itself in its spirit of community by bringing in its wide network of professionals in Women and Children’s health to empower its clients with the knowledge and services they need to live happier and healthier lives, and help them navigate the many Chapters of womanhood including motherhood.

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