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Our Vision

Our vision is to empower women with knowledge.


Our number one reason to start Chapters is to increase awareness on the many benefits of exercise and movement in general during pregnancy but also the importance of postnatal rehab and slowly getting back to exercise post birth. Yes giving birth is a natural phenomenon but it does not mean your body should automatically “bounce back” with the click of a button. There is more that needs to be considered than the number on a scale.


Our aim is to create a safe space for women to ask their questions and be fully informed. A space where they can grow stronger, physically and mentally. A support system and culture of collaboration so we can offer only the best advice and services.

Our Story

Sarah Al Nowais and Jehan AlSairafi co-founded Chapters Fitwhile looking to stay fit and healthy in their journey to motherhood and beyond.


As mums we struggled to find a studio that specailised in pre and postnatal strength training. While you could find yoga and pilates classes. We started to attend classes and make our own modifications.

Our journey led us to creating Chapters Fitness & Soul with becoming REPs registered and qualified Level 3 Personal Trainers with an advanced specialization in pre and postnatal exercise.

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