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Gisella Ferri

“I am an Abu Dhabi based Yoga Instructor. Mother of 1 human, 1 dog, 2 cats and a tortoise and a husband.


Certified in Pre-natal, Ashtanga style, Yin and Yoga 4 Cancer. I am currently undertaking a diploma to be a Yoga Therapist and hope to qualify later in 2022. 


Yoga is a wonderful practice on and off our mats. We practice to consciously find connection and clarity in our bodies. Feelings lost in our busy lives and most recently the struggle of living through a pandemic. Yoga has never been more essential, a time where people can find solace in themselves through breathing practices and meditation which is something I also love to teach students. Not just any breathing practices but ones that suit whichever stage they are going through in their life, most importantly just bringing attention to breath can in itself be healing.


Too much focus is placed on how we look and how far we can go when we practice. What is important is how we feel at the end of our practice and the days after. 

My mission is to reconnect students with their bodies and enable them to find their breath and free movement with ease and comfort. Love and Light Sat Nam”


Join Gisella on for Evening Yoga Wednesdays at 5:30pm (recommended class for prenatal) and Power Yoga Thursdays at 8:30am in studio or online.


If you would like to book a Private Training Session please DM us to arrange or for further information.


Follow Gisella on instagram @Gisellaluciaferri 

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