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Zita is a certified Aviva Method and yoga instructor. She believes that everyone has the inner ability to support and heal their body.


Her goal as an instructor is to pass on the knowledge to her students in order to reduce the feeling of vulnerability, worries and stress, and empower them to take control of their health.


Zita started practicing yoga over 20 years ago and tried a variety styles in her personal practice. In 2013 she completed her first teacher training as a vinyasa flow yoga teacher in London and continued training in the ashtanga yoga lineage in India. Additionally Zita is trained in more gentle styles such as yin, pre and post natal yoga and Yoga Nidra meditation. In 2022 she qualified as an Aviva Method instructor with the aim to bring hormonal healing to women and men in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.  


Zita’s classes provide a challenging practice allowing practitioners to step out of their comfort zone and realise their own potential. Her teaching style is gentle, encouraging and inspirational.

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