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A lot has happened during pregnancy with organs rearranging, abs separating, glutes lengthening and not to mention baby appearing. This circuit focuses on reconnecting with your core, breathing plays an important role. Please read through our blog post on 360 breathing and pelvic floor before attempting these exercises, link here. The exercises progress in level of difficulty our advice is to master one before moving onto the next.

DISCLAIMER: While the exercises are Diastasis Recti safe, it is not advised to perform any of them before your doctor provides you with an all clear to exercise. If you experience any doming please consult with your doctor or physiotherapists.

If you have not been checked for Diastasis Recti please read our blog on how to self check, link here.

Take your time, listen to your body and recover safely.



Lie on your back with your feet on the floor, knees bent. Keep your lower back in neutral (avoid rounding your lower back). Breathe in, expanding through your trunk and gently relax your pelvic floor (link on 360 breathing can be found here). Exhale, squeeze and lift your pelvic floor and contract your abdominal wall knitting the muscles together. You should feel tension in your abdominals as they stabilize and firm your trunk. Imagine your kid running towards your belly! Be careful not to hollow out your abdominals but rather flatten your trunk from ribs to pubic bone.